See what some of our past clients who put their trust in Alequin Properties had to say about us.

Dear Mike,

I have known you for several years now.  I have always found you friendly and up beat.  As I began to consider selling my home, I have started to give some thought as to who I would have handled it for me since I have never bought or sold a home.  Then out of the blue, I hear you talking about your real estate connections.

Asking you to help me was one of the best things I could have done.  I was comfortable in discussing what to do and when to do it and you guided me every step of the way.  You seemed to put another hat on when we talked and went from being an acquaintance to becoming my Real Estate agent.  You kept me informed as each piece of business arose and explained what you were doing, and how each procedure was done for my protection.  Your manner changed from friend to professional advisor.  You took extra steps in dealing with the City of Glendale regarding my fence problem. You gave me advice on how to improve the property and provided me tradesmen to complete each task.

I have all the confidence in you and will recommend you to friends as a person that is knowledgeable, honest and pleasant to work with.

I have thanked God so many times for leading me to you.  I am very pleased with the way you have made this transaction a smooth and painless one.

My best wishes to you for your continued good fortune.

Barbara Estlow

Dear Mike,

I just wanted to write and let you know how pleased I am with the way you handle the sale of my dad’s house for me.  It was a very difficult time for me, losing my dad, and trying to disperse with everything in the house as well as the house itself.  I know without a doubt it would not have happened as smoothly or quickly as it did, without all your help.

I had interviewed a few agents before I met you and was scheduled to talk to a couple more.  After speaking with you for just a few minutes, I knew you were the one to choose.  I was impressed with what you said you would do to market the house and you immediately began to do exactly what you said you would and much much more.

You provided me with excellent ideas and guidelines for preparing the house to market and then you showed up in your work clothes and proceeded to help me do it.  You found all the right service people that we needed to repair, clean and stage the home ahead of schedule.  Never before have we had such a dedicated and professional agent to handle our real estate transactions.  Your thoroughness and commitment to protect your clients is way beyond the call of duty.  Your vigilant communications were invaluable to us on a daily basis.

Your conveyance of professional ethics, optimism, and friendly guidance will always hold you in high esteem of all who meet you.


Mark R. Press

Dear Mr. Alequin,

I wanted to write you short not to let you know how pleased I was with the level of service I received from you while selling my condo.

Everything you did form listing to settlement was top-notch.  I find it hard to believe that you have only been an agent for three or four years because you operate like a seasoned professional.  Not only did you insist on listing the property higher than I would have thought possible, the way you presented the property generated so much interest that we ended up accepting an offer for $20,000 more than the listing price.

If everyone in the Real Estate business operated under the same strict code of ethics and possessed an equal level of competence as you, A LOT of lawyers would be out of business!!!

My only regret about having you list my property in California is that you have registered you license in Texas and couldn’t help me with my purchase here.  Believe me, it would have been a much less stressful experience if you were.

Once again, I couldn’t be happier with my decision to have you list my property and I wish you all the best in your future endeavors.


Scott Fogelman

To Whom It May Concern:

This letter is written on behalf of Mike Alequin, who represented us in the recent sale of our house in Burbank.  Mike is very professional and well informed. He made suggestions to us on how to make our home more appealing to potential buyers and I am sure that his presentation is what ultimately attracted many interested people.

We had an unusual circumstance with regard to relocation which added extra stress to an already stressful housing market.  Mike handled it well, was always optimistic, and most definitely had to work harder than he might have to otherwise.  When Mike says he “goes the extra mile,” he does just that; for example, when I misplaced my wallet, he made a special trip to the train station to make sure it was in the back of my car.  When we needed our mailbox emptied because I was out of town, Mike made sure it was emptied so passersby would not know there was no one home.

Mike has rare qualities that you just do not find with most agents or even most people for that matter.  He stays in touch to keep his clients informed at all times.  I would recommend him in a heartbeat.


Mamie Page-Bell